Chocolate Celebration Cake


For the Balls

250g Cottage cheese or cream cheese, low fat

2 Egg yolks

3 tbsp sweetener (or to taste)

50 g unsweetened coconut shavings* (I didn’t have these, omitted them and added a couple of drops of coconut essence instead)

3 level tbsp of cornflour

For the Chocolate Base

4 eggs, separated

4 tbsp of sweetener, or more to taste

50 g unsweetened dark chocolate

2 tbsp oat bran

2 tbsp cornflour

3 tbsp  unsweetened cocoa powder

pinch salt

few drops vanilla essence

1/4 tsp baking powder


Preheat oven to 180C/375F


Make the Cheesecake Balls:

Mix the cheese with yolks, sweetener, cornflour and coconut together. Put in the freezer while you prepare rest of the batter.

Make the Chocolate Batter:

Separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk whites with a bit of the sweetener until stiff.

Melt chocolate in microwave, checking every 10 seconds to make sure it doesn’t burn. Mix the yolks with sweetener and vanilla essence and whisk until smooth and pale. Add the cooled melted chocolate, oatbran, cornflour and salt and mix well.

Fold in the egg whites into the chocolate-yolk mixture.

Prepare a baking pan by greasing it well. Take out cheese mix from freezer and make balls of desired (equal) size. Place in bottom of the pan.

Pour the chocolate batter over the balls and bake for about 30 mins or until an inserted knife comes out clean.

Prepare the Chocolate Glaze:

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

2 tbsp of low fat cream cheese

some milk


chocolate essence

1 tbsp non-fat milk powder

Heat on the pan and add everything together. Pour over the cake and let it cool.


 * This recipe was adapted from :


Noodle Soup


Growing up Indomie was a big deal in our house. It actually still is. No bowl of ramen or pho can replace the spicy, perfectly balanced bowl of Indomie on a cold winter’s night.. though we had it throughout the year.

Miracle noodles can be made into anything though, if you do prefer ramen or pho. I used organic rotisserie chicken (aka your best friend on the Dukan), sliced and seasoned and cooked in a pan until golden and crispy. That’s because the chicken will absorb the broth and become all mushy after some time anyway. Rostisserie chicken is versatile and can be used in a million different ways, creativity required. So for your slurping pleasure:


1 packet miracle noodles;  drained, rinsed and boiled for a couple of minutes (I used angel hair)

1 1/2 cups of broth, whatever your reference (I used vegetable)

1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes

some cracked black pepper

some rotisserie chicken, chopped, seasoned and dry fried for 10 mins

an egg, boiled

some spring onions, chopped

a handful of your favourite vegetable to have on a PV day! I chose spinach


Prepare noodles. In a separate saucepan add broth and spices. Once noodles are boiled and rinsed, add to broth. Let the noodles cook on a medium-low flame while you prepare the rest of the components.

Prepare chicken. Slice spring onions and soak them in ice water, if you want them all curly-wurly. Boil the egg, or half boil as I did. Taste and adjust broth; adjust spices to your taste.

Plate your food; add broth, top with noodles, add a handful of chopped spinach, then chicken, egg and top with spring onions. Enjoy! 🙂


Or just chocolate pudding for all the non-French people, for which you will need:

1 cup fat free milk

2 tbsp sugar free custard powder

4 tbsp cocoa powder*

2 egg yolks (save the whites for meringues)

sweetener, to taste


Separate yolks from whites. Keep yolks in a heat proof bowl on the side.

Mix cold milk with custard and cocoa powder. Heat in saucepan over medium high flame, stirring constantly until mixture thickens.

When it reaches boiling point switch off flame and add a tablespoon of the hot liquid into the yolks, stirring the whole time.

Add about 1/4 cup of the milk mixture and stir more, then add the yolks to the saucepan and whisk slowly. Turn the heat back on. Cook the custard a further 10 minutes on a low flame. Custard should coat thickly the back of a spoon. Add sweetener to taste. Put into a bowl and leave to cool at room temperature, then put in fridge to have once cold.


– As this pudding contains 2 tolerated foods; custard and cocoa powder the dessert should be eaten in moderation and half of the pudding would be a single serving allowed for the day. You can make a pudding with just egg yolks and no custard powder too, just omit it and if custard is too thin add another yolk by first tempering it with the hot liquid and then adding back to pan and cooking for a bit.

– Use this base with hazelnut essence added for a Nutella-ish version; or omit the cocoa and add vanilla essence with a drop or two of caramel essence to have a crème caramel-ish pudding. Coconut essence would also be delicious



* Dukan requires the cocoa to have a fat content of no more than 5g and have no sugar

Chicken Nuggets

1/2 lb boneless chicken, cubed

1 egg, whisked and seasoned with salt and pepper

1/2 cup oat bran, seasoned with:

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp seasoned salt

1/4 tsp mixed herbs

1/4 tsp cayenne


Mix all spices with oat bran. Put in a bowl.

Add egg into another bowl and whisk.

Put your toaster oven on to bake at 375

Dredge each piece of chicken cube first into the egg and then into the oat bran mix.

Arrange pieces on a lined tray. Spray lightly with oil and put in oven to cook for 25-30, depending on the size of your chicken. Flip if necessary and bottom is soggy when turned.

Enjoy with low sugar ketchup!




Stagnation and Frustration

It’s been almost two weeks since I started the Dukan Diet and things went very well at first. Now it seems my weight has stalled and is going up and down a lot. Went back to the book to see what Dudu has to say about it. Apparently women retain a lot of water before their period and therefore their true weight will not show until they are done with it. Another thing was that a lot of people gain some weight or their weight stalls after a PV day. Although the guru said that it’s nothing to worry about and to just follow the plan and give it time I’ve decided to follow a new routine: 5 PP days and 5 PV days*. Over the long term Dukan says that both give the same results but it’s more difficult to follow and may effect your determination to follow the diet as is, and it is very, very important to follow the diet to the tee.

So even though it is difficult I’m going to start this new rhythm from today, after having only one day of PV. Crazy as it sounds I want to see results ASAP, as anybody putting in hard work does, though I realise if it makes my will weaker I will go back to 1+1 after the first ‘rhythm’  is complete.

.  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .

* There are a few ‘rhythms’ advised by Dukan:

1 PV + 1 PP – easiest to follow. Same results as 5+5 though takes longer to work

5 PV + 5 PP – difficult but gives quick results. End results supposed to be same as 1+1

5PV + 2 PP – For bottom-heavy people or people with cellulite.

Success Story: Brownies!

So it worked. Used Splenda as a sweetener. The recipe is as follows:

1 egg

6 tbsp of fat-free yoghurt

6 tbsp oat bran

3 tbsp flaxseed meal*

6 packets of sweetener

1 tsp baking powder

1.5 tbsp of cocoa powder unsweetened and fat-free

1 tbsp olive oil

Mix everything together. Grease a small pan, any pan, muffin or a small 5″ cake pan (I have a set from Ikea) and add the mix to it. Bake at 180/375 for about 15 mins or until an inserted knife come out clean. Cool and enjoy!!

Well don’t enjoy it all.. Keeping in mind your daily allowance of oat bran, divide the cake/muffins.


  • This recipe was adapted from:

.  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .  ..  .

* Flaxeed and Linseed: These are allowed up to a teaspoon a day and flaxseed meal are excellent in any recipe as a replacement to regular flour. Flaxseed meal also gives a better texture in foods than oat bran alone. In any recipe remember to divide the end result into your daily serving of Oat bran and flaxseed.

Sweeteners: a rant

I’ve never really approved of or liked artificial sweeteners and was so happy when stevia finally came along a few years back. But there is a weird aftertaste in it which I loathed. I love having iced coffee in the summer mornings and it made my coffee taste odd. Monkfruit, I discovered, was much better.

When I started this diet I knew I was just going to stick to monkfruit, but now it’s made most of what I make taste weird and given it a chemical-like taste. Most Dukan-ers use stevia. But I have realised the best sweetener available to the mass has to be Splenda, which though artificial in origin has the best tasting effect in all desserts and drinks, though I’ve heard better things said about xylitol.

So if using any sweetener make sure to grab a few packets to try from any restaurant, they seem to always have Splenda and stevia. It’s best to try and see which sweetener works best for your taste.  As for me, I’m going to keep looking for a better tasting natural sweetener and use Splenda in the meantime.

First PV Day and a Celebration Meal

Okay so perhaps not a real celebration meal, but this is as close as it gets on a PV day in the Cruise Phase. Tuna salad is my favourite; it’s only a can of wild albacore tuna on a bed of simple salad with lots of black pepper and fat-free Thousand Island dressing.

The dessert was a strawberry cheesecake which didn’t turn out as I wish it would have. It seems to have a very chemical-y taste, reminiscent of the sugary taste of diet soda. Recipe will follow as soon as I can concoct a better version. Perhaps stevia instead of monk fruit sweetener next time.


An End & a Beginning

So the Attack Phase is over and done and even though I did it for longer than the Dukan site had calculated (6 days and I did it for 10) I still lost the same weight that the calculator had estimated – a total of 6 lbs over a period of 10 days and some of those days I didn’t follow as I should have.

On the first and second last days I didn’t walk 20 mins. I also ate late night one of those nights and had stewed beef (Nihari, but just the meat bit). What happened was that during the last two days I had actually gained 1lb back. The only explanation I can come up with is that its the bloated-ness that comes with PMS and not walking. I also had 1″ piece of dark chocolate before I knew it wasn’t allowed.

But I’m back to 185.5lbs on my first day of Cruise Phase

I only really spent time on breakfasts these 10 days. For lunch and dinner I’d just have some kebabs which I had frozen, with some fat-free yoghurt or some fat-free cottage cheese with a dollop of chilli sauce. For dinner I had steak three of the ten days, salmon on one and chicken and beef kebabs on the rest. The kebabs were all 100% meat with no fillers or breadcrumbs etc. Also made myself some hot chocolate with the low-fat cocoa some mornings.

I stuck with my green tea regimen and had a serving of fibre powder as well on all the days. I had my vitamins: multi-vit, fish oil, Vit D, collagen and folic acid. I decided to take these because I’d been losing a lot of hair and my skin has been terrible as I’d been very stressed lately.

I think if I had to do this again I would certainly make sure to walk 20 mins or more as recommended by Dr. Dukan, every single day. I would also not eat late night at all, especially red meat. And lastly, because these first few days are the most difficult, I would prepare much more beforehand so when I’m dying of hunger and unable to think, let alone cook, I’d have something at hand, ready to heat up and just gobble down. Same goes for something sweet too, to curb cravings.

I feel much lighter than before. My tummy has definitely shrunk and I feel less weighed down overall even though my weight loss wasn’t that significant. My jeans do fit me better now than when I started. From today I think I will incorporate more activity, more cardio than Dukan recommends as I know my body responds more to activity than just dieting alone.

Chappli Kebabs

1lb lean chicken or beef mince

1 egg

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon garam masala

1/2 teaspoon cumin

green chillies, a few mint and corriander leaves

Optional, your daily allowance of corn starch/ cornflour

Mix everything together. Heat a griddle or pan and spray with olive oil, making sure not to use excess. Gather about 2 tbsp of the mix in your hands (you can make them the size you want) and making sure the lump is as round as possible splat it on the pan and press to flatten a little. Cook until there are no juices released when pressed, for about 10 mins on one side and 6 mins on the other.

Remaining mix can be refrigerated for about 3 days. You can also freeze cooked kebabs.

I have them with a dollop of fat free yoghurt and some green chutney (home-made: green chillies, garlic and mint blitzed together)