Crunch Time

One of the things I miss most on the Dukan is crunchy, unhealthy food. I also miss having a biscuit with my cuppa. But sometimes you just need to have it, and that’s where Power Crunch protein energy bar comes in. It’s wafers with a coating, in quite a few different flavours; peanut butter, vanilla, mocha, triple chocolate, berry and Choc-mint. The whole 6″ bar has 5g of sugar so I divide the bar when I open it to have a piece a day. 1g of sugar a day isn’t too bad I figured. The bar uses real sugar and not an artificial sweetener, which is what I like – it can be tough limiting the amount of artificial ingredients going into your body when you’re substituting left, right and centre.

I like a piece after dinner as a sweet treat, or with my morning tea/coffee when I can’t be bothered with making breakfast.

So if you’re missing something crunchy and those Dukan puddings and cakes aren’t doing it for you, try Power Crunch! You won’t regret it.




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