There and Back Again

Its been a tough few weeks, what with travelling and being really very ill Dukan-ing has been the last thing on my mind. After a fair few square meals, and a few things which really shouldn’t have followed, I was scared of being back at square one.

There really is a God up there, even after all that indulging my weight gain has been 3lbs. I’m starting with Phase 1 again today but wanted to provide you with a summary of my second months weight loss.

Second Month Stats                    

Weight lost:                                            6.2lbs

 Longest Stagnation Period:              11 days

Total Weight Loss:                          18.5lbs – 8.4kg

Rhythym Followed:                                  5:5

Gym Sessions:                                         4 x week

Daily Walks:                                     At least 20 mins, 5 x week

Weight on 19th September:                   173lbs

Weight on 6th October:                           176lbs


What I noticed in the month of September was this; the days I went to the gym and did a basic 30min cardio session on the elliptical I really did lose a pound a day. So for any Dukan-ers who are not seeing results I guess workouts are the missing factor.